Action/ Measure/ step/ act/ move
These are all words for a thing that somebody does.
Action is a thing somebody does:
His brave action is worthy of a medal.
Her prompt action prevented a robbery.
Measure is an official action that is done so as to achieve a particular aim:
They'll have to take strong measures against racism
Step one of a series of things that somebody does to achieve something.
Are you ready for the next step?
Act is a thing that somebody does;
We had to act quickly.
Move (used especially in journalism) an action that somebody does or needs to do in order to achieve something:
The board of directors has made no move to settle the strike.
They are waiting for their next move.
To take action/measures/steps
To make a step/move
Admit/Acknowledge/ recognize /concede /confess
These words all mean to agree, often unwillingly, that sth is true.
Admit to agree, often unwillingly, that sth true.
It was a stupid thing to do. I admit. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all wish everyone would like us.
Acknowledge (rather formal) to accept that sth exists, is true or has happened:
She refuses to acknowledge the need for reform.
She acknowledged having made a mistake.
His achievements were acknowledged.
Recognize to admit or be aware that sth exists or is true
they recognize the need to take the problem seriously.
I don't recognize the sound.
Concede (rather formal) to admit, often unwillingly, that sth is true or logical
he was forced to conceded (that) there might be difficulties.
When will the agency concede that the number of native speakers is down?
Admit or Concede?
When sb admits sth, they are usually agreeing that sth Which is generally concedes bad or wrong is true or has happened, Especially when it relates to their own actions.
When sb conceded sth, they are usually accepting, unwillingly, that a particular facts or statements is true or logical.
Confess (rather formal) to admit sth that you feel ashamed or embarrassed about
she was reluctant to confess her ignorance.
To whom should I confess my blunder?
She was waiting for him to confess his reason for being in Arkansas
• To admit/acknowledge/recognize/concede/confess that…
• To admit/confess to sth
• To admit/concede/confess sth to sb
• To admit/acknowledge/recognize the truth
• To admit/confess your mistakes/ignorance