At this time he is at the office.
I met him at the hospital.
He pointed a gun at her.
Somebody threw paint at the prime minister.
The gardens at their most beautiful in May.
Now the distance is measured in kilometers.
The kids were playing in the street.
I’m getting forgetful in my old age.
Heart is the most important organ of the body.
The result of the debate is pending.
What are the ambitions of a young author?
The Arab went past the desert on camelback.
He returned the money at my request.
She had been hit on the head.
There was a letter waiting for him on his return.
Who did she address the letter to?
I like all kinds of music from opera to reggae.
I watched the program from beginning to end.
A bad smell comes from drunkard man.
From what I heard the companies in deep trouble.
I can’t tell one twin from the other.
Who does great work like this expect him.
I had nothing on except for my socks.
We work every day except sun day.
If you want to meet me come during office hours.
Please rare seated during the performance.
They ran towards the junction to see the accident.
She had her back towards me.
Our attitude towards me.
Our attitude towards death.
There are a lot of responsibilities upon you.
Once upon a time, there was a little princess.
After his clandestine affair was revealed, he became unpopular.
After troops came to that area the civil war