Grammar Point

Have something done

Julia's vehicle was damaged in an accident, so she took the vehicle to a workshop yesterday. The mechanic repaired the vehicle.
Julia had the car repaired yesterday.
This means Julia arranged for somebody else to repair the car. She didn't repair it herself.
We use have something done to say that we arrange for somebody else to do something for us. We don't do it ourselves.
I cleaned my coat yesterday. This means I cleaned my coat myself.No one did it for me.
I had my coat cleaned yesterday. This means I arranged for somebody else to clean my coat for me. I didn't clean it myself.
She doesn't like her picture taken.
My brother had a house built last year.
How often do you have your hair cut?
She had her room painted last week.
We can also use get something done instead of " have something done"
I get my hair cut once a month.
When are you going to get it done?
How often do you get your car serviced?
I am having a letter typed.
Sometimes we use "have something done "to say that something happens
somebody or something belongs to them often what happens is not nice.
I had my gold ring stolen.
He had his arm broken in an accident.
She had had his passport stolen when she arrived at the airport.

I am used to doing

Prasan is an Indian but he has lived in Switzerland for three years. When she first came to Switzerland, she found it very difficult to live there because she had to live in cold weather. Living in such cold weather was strange and difficult for him because:
He wasn’t used to it.
He wasn’t used to living in cold weather. But after three years, living in cold weather became less difficult. so:
She got used to living in cold weather.
Now after three years, it’s no problem for Prasan:
He is used to living in cold weather. so:
I’m used to (doing) something=something isn’t strange or new for me.
I’m used to the weather in this country.
more examples
I am used to drinking green tea.
I’m used to driving on the left because I have lived in Britain for a long time.
She is used to being alone.
I'm used to working long hours.
We must get used to eating vegetables.
People are used to wearing masks.
You are used to learning hard.