Definite Article -The
The movie was excellent.
The woman is behaving so strangely.
The man is behaving so strongly.
Indefinite Articles -An, A
I am writing an essay.
The poet is writing a woman.
Allen asked for a glass of milk.
I am buying a new dress today.
I am preparing lunch for myself.
Demonstratives-This, That, These, Those
This – This plan will work.
Do you like this dress?
These – These apples are good.
Those – Those apples are rotten.
That – Alice will buy that house.
Possessive Pronouns-my, your, his, her, its, our, their
His – His father is out of the city.
Her – Her performance was outstanding.
Ann is her sister.
Our – Ann came to our place yesterday
Its – It’s my house.
Do you know its function?
Quantifiers-a few, a little, much, many, a lot of, most, some, any, enough
A few-
I have a few friends.
A few lawyers have come.
A little
She is a little girl.
A little bird told me.
Don’t waste much time.
Many countries are working on it.
The government has taken many important steps.
Numbers-one, ten, thirty
Distributives- all, both, half, either, neither, each, every
Difference Words- other, another
Pre determiners- such, what, rather, quite